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Title: An Elf's Tale (Narrated story with Original Songs)

CD - Narrated Story with Original Christmas Songs

Creators: Brooks Vickers, Craig Smith, Sean Vickers and Andrew Avril

Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Travis Saunders @ Skyraider Studios

Illustrator: Bomb Garden Graphics

Genre: Children and Family Audio CD

Ages: all ages

Length: 45 minutes, story with songs


Who Are The Creators:

The Creators are a group of award winning songwriters and touring musicians who have collaborated into creating great Canadian content, combining music and storytelling. Their work includes children’s audio books, full-length albums, songwriting and rhyming story poems.


About The Creators:

What started out of a passion for music and touring the country as the band Blinded, The Creators evolved from playing gigs and being international song writing competition finalists to creating memorable and lasting stories that can be enjoyed for generations. The Creators want to continue to provide new and innovative ways of spreading good stories and positive messages to the youth of the world. Music and story is a great way of giving back by igniting the imagination, inspiring others and providing laughter, fun and education.


About An Elf's Tale Was Born

After listening to the same songs every Christmas, The Creators decided it was time to write fresh original Christmas songs and a magical story called An Elf’s Tale, which brings a whole new energy into the Christmas season. Exciting new Christmas music that could one day be played alongside the famous Christmas songs of today are only a glimpse into Norgey the Elf’s captivating journey to the North Pole!

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