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Title: An Elf's Tale (Narrated story with Original Songs)
© Copyright

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Ho Ho Ho

Verse 1
The elves are busy all year long
They never stop to take a break
But there was one time when Dorin stopped,
But he had a stomach ache

Suzy elf and Cindy elf sew underwear and stocks
While Shorty, Zack and Ian put all the toys in every box

Ho ho ho it's time to go you know, it's almost Christmas day,
Wash Santa's clothes, and wipe his nose, feed the reindeers and fill the sleigh
Time is slowly running out now, but it's gonna be okay
Because every year it's this crazy , so close to Christmas day

Verse 2
Wendel elf makes toys and games,
And things that make loud noise,
While Dorin he burns wood all day,
To make soot for all bad boys

Before each day has started, it seems it's almost done,
So the elves made a game 'who can build the fastest;' and this year Wendel won

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
And when it's time for Santa Clause,
To go over his list
He has to let the elves know,
All the gifts that they have missed,

Such as Dolores wants a kitty cat, Vonny wants a bike,
While Tommy wants a train set, and Midgy wants a kite,

Repeat Chorus

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Under the Mistletoe

Verse 1
Under the mistletoe, the sweetest place to be,
I met a girl as beautiful, as decorations on a tree,
Her hair was just like tinsel, so shiny and so free,
Her dress was colourful like Christmas wrap, she was the girl for me

Chorus 1
She‘s brighter than all the Christmas lights
More elegant than snow,
I fell in love that Christmas eve,
Under the mistletoe

Verse 2
Her cheeks they glowed like poinsettas,  smile white as pearls
Her laugh warms me the like the fireplace, she was the perfect girl
Every word she spoke to me reminded me of a song,
Sung by a hundred carollers I could listen all night long.

Chorus 2
Her eyes twinkled like the Northern Star
Her lips were red as a rose,
I fell in love that Christmas eve,
Under the mistletoe

One kiss from her that Christmas was, the best gift I’ve ever been given
Better than my telescope, and better than my mittens
Better than my hockey stick, and better than my kitten,
Not only did we fall in love, but  I’d also say we were smitten

Repeat Chorus 1

Repeat Chorus 2

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Dear Mr Snowman

Verse 1
Dear Mr. Snowman, why don’t you come in?
You’ve been outside all day long, you must be cold my friend
I’ll fix you up some hot chocolate, or maybe even some tea,
Come and sit by the fire and sing along with me

Dear Mr. Snowman, you do what you’re told
You stand outside all day long and never catch a cold
I stare at you through the window, you never ever move,
Why don’t you come dancing, and I’ll show you how to groove,

Dear Mr. Snowman
You do what you can; you do what you can,
You do what you can, and that’s fine,
‘Cause I know you’re mine

Verse 2
Well, dear Mr. Snowman, from the snowman clan
Why don’t you stay for the summer and get a snowman tan
I remember that day, when Billy kicked your head off…it was horrible
So I rolled you up another one and then I got a cough

Dear Mr. Snowman you’re the best a friend could be
You listen to me all day long and you never disagree
I keep making you bigger, every time it snows
Soon you’ll be the best snowman that anyone ever rolled

Repeat chorus

Dear Mr. Snowman
You do what you can, you do what you can
You do what you can and that’s fine
Cause I know yourrrrrrrrrrrr…..Mine! Your too cool

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Winky the Penguin

Verse 1
Every year I swim to the north. To spend the Christmas months
I stay at my iceberg resort! And I have fish for lunch!

Verse 2
But this year it was very sad. It was… not the same.
When I got to the iceberg resort. Toys were all that remained

Verse 3
And then I was all alone.  I had no place to go
I even tried to make some friends.  But everyone said… Nooooo!

Verse 4
They told me Winky, you are too messy! Look at all your toys
I tried to tell them it was not me. They belong to girls and boys!

Homeless and heartbroken, swimming in the sea
A million toys a floatin’, and there’s no place for me
I really miss my icy bed and my powder snow pillow
I guess I could go south instead but I really like the snow

Verse 5
And when the kids ask Santa for….one more thing.  One of their old toys gets forgotten
They end up here and my iceberg it sink.  And now it is on the bottom.

Verse 6
I am usually such a happy guy. I’m just feeling so much emotion
If we don’t do something right away..The toys!!!… they will surely fill the ocean!!!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 7
So now you know my story. I hope I explained it good.
Please help me, I am a broken penguin. And I like this neighbourhood.

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Candycanes and Christmas Lights

Verse 1
Well you know what’s the best part of Christmas for me,
It’s all the pretty lights on the Christmas tree,
Now add some candy canes and enjoy all the fun,
There’s enough candy canes and Christmas lights for everyone

Chorus 1
Now listen up we’ll let you know the recipe,
The first thing you need is a good looking tree,
Now cover it in candy, and things that are bright,
When I say candy I mean candy canes and Christmas lights

Verse 2
I’ll tell you the secret, just follow my lead
Dig a little hole and plant a seed
Now wait 30 years for the tree to grow tall
Then the 31st Christmas is the best one of all

Chorus 2
Then to get started, here’s what you do
Hang up that clay thing you made in grade 2
Now add some shiny things and decorations that pop
Then string up Christmas lights and put a star on top
Put a star on top

Now gather around and help me finish it off
Add some candy canes and a star on top

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Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming, it’s time to make more toys
To fill up the stockings of all the girls and boys
Everyday it’s the same, make more toys, make more games, have a little fun too
There’s nothing that we would rather do!

Verse 1
Every year we make more gifts than any year before
It doesn’t matter what we do, the kids always want more
Now don’t use your hands but guess if you can, just how many toys we make
Now times that by 30, now times that by 40, and add another 8!


Verse 2
First we bring out Santa’s list these gifts are just the start
Then we each make one more gift that comes right from the heart
Well I’ve been building at the shop, since that I was young
And I say keep it going, it just means more fun!


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Dancing on Christmas Eve

Verse 1
Santa’s gone, now we can party hard,
We’ve already sent out all the Christmas cards,
The Stockings are hung and the presents are being delivered to your tree,
Everybody’s dancing on Christmas Eve

Verse 2
We did it, there’s enough presents for every kid,
Now that the toys we build have been ahh buildeded
That’s not a word!  Who cares! We‘re having more fun than anyone could believe,
Everybody’s dancing on Christmas Eve,

How’s everybody doing tonight!  Alright! 
We’re gonna break down for ya a little bit right now

Take it  Wendel!  (Guitar Solo)

Cindy (Piano Solo)

Ian (Kazoo Solo)

Shorty (Drum Solo)

Dorin (Bass Solo)

Shubee dubeee…………….

Verse 3
There’s candy cane platters and eggnog for everyone,
The music goes all night, it’s so much fun!
With all the milk and cookies, that we can eat
‘Cause everybody’s dancing on Christmas Eve!
Everybody’s dancing on Christmas Eve!

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Is it Christmas Yet?

Verse 1
It’s early morning, still here snoring
but I’m restless in my bed
Can’t wait to see what Santa said

Rundown the stairs, wake up the parents
Is it Christmas yet?

Verse 2
Mom’s making coffee, I want my stocking
Dad’s too busy making toast
Will I get what I want most?

We’re all together, now we’re ready
Let’s read Santa’s note

It’s the greatest time of year (Enjoyed by every boy and girl)
When all your troubles disappear (It happens all around the world)
Let’s all get together sing so everyone can hear

Each day brings us changes
A chance for us to start again
Reflect on days past as a new year begins

Verse 3
Open presents, read some letters
From your family far away
And soon we’ll go outside to play

Look out the window see the snowfall
On this holiday

Verse 4
Grab your snow pants, put your skates on
Catch a snowflake on your tongue
Race your sled till evening comes

Warm your gloves up by the fire
Can’t wait till dinner’s done

All your friends and your family are making new memories
All come together in the spirit of giving
May all of your wishes and all of your dreams come true

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