Reviews of An Elf's Tale

Alan & Marj Stevenson

We were blown away! It is fantastic! It's so good, so professional. From Grandpa to the little girl, the elves, Santa, and on and on, it's just delightful. The story telling, the singing and the songs themselves, almost made me a believer once again! Thank you so much!

Dena Baumann – School Music Teacher

I enjoyed An Elf’s Tale with my young children (the CD didn’t leave our vehicle) and during that time I couldn’t stop thinking about it as a children’s musical. The story is a great message, and children can really relate to it. The music is so well done, catchy with hooks that keep the tunes in your head for days. The songs are accessible for students of all ages, everything from alternative rock to classic rock to acapella with fun harmonies. It lends itself so well to a school play with a fun but simple plot and really fun characters.

Gord Leonard

On first listen to the CD I was totally blown away! It is on the whole extremely well done. You absolutely must get this to an animation studio to turn it into a new Christmas Special for TV. The shifts from narrator to characters are ideally positioned for commercial breaks and the whole thing just cries out for animation!! The songs and the music are well done and should appeal to a wide audience, a couple of them could become classics. I especially liked the elves' after Christmas party!! It rivals Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. If you can turn it into an animated video the kids would be totally entranced. Move over Polar Express.

Clinton Dixson

My kids absolutely love the story and songs. They never get sick of it and want to listen to it literally all year round. I end up singing along all the time. Frankly, I think it's as good or better than any of the classics we grew up with and love. The only unfortunate part of An Elf's Tale is that more kids (and parents) don't know about it.

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